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Begin by gathering something to represent your biological Parents, Grandparents and Ancestors on back (examples; shoes, pillows, figurines, family photos, foot print cut outs, etc.) Set them out in front of you looking towards you, parents being closest, grandparents, great grandparents and ancestors standing behind them. Look and notice your breath and any feelings/sensations that may arise in your body. Notice the distance between you and adjust if need be, moving slowly to where you feel most comfortable. The "correct" distance will be where your breath can flow and your body can feel most at ease. Take your time finding this "right" distance and be curious about how your body responds (opens/closes) as you move through this part of the exercise. Once you have found the correct distance you can continue breathing and simply noticing any feelings, insights or awarenesses that arise as you look at them (do not judge your experience in any way, just simply notice what arises.)


Now you can try saying slowly, “As I stand here and feel this carriage of my body, I acknowledge you, all of you. Thousands of generations all having brought me here. All of you are alive in this moment, pieces and parts of each of you present in my body. I am the continuation of each of you…. no matter who you were/are or how you were/are, I have received life through you. Thank you. For all the perceived good and bad of it, through this life I get to experience all facets, I get to learn and grow." (Pause, breathe.) 


Continue, "The hardships, pains, struggles, difficult experiences and emotions that you are/were unable to resolve may have been passed to me and may be living with me .… Today, If I may, I let go of carrying any pains and struggles rooted in past generations and instead intend to honor and connect with you by embodying the success you would have had if you could have outside of your own inherited entanglements." (Follow that with a few deep breathing exhales.)


"Thank you. I will pass life on by doing something good with it. Please bless me as I take steps to move away from any painful inheritance and step forward towards my own individual fate and higher purpose. I recognize that this would be the greatest way to honor the life I have been given and that in your deepest heart, success is what you would want for me. The pains or struggles that you have endured will not be in vain. You have a place in my heart, I take you with me and if we may be so blessed, through me... you can have success too." 



Now you can try bowing, hands out in front of you, palms up simultaneously releasing what is ready to be released and receiving this life force flow and your own personal fate.


Turn around, imagine and feel this river of life force flowing through them into you as you surrender and relax back into taking your part in the experience of receiving life…and passing it through. Breathe, feel the earth underneath you and those behind you supporting you, having a stake in your success. Look ahead at your life, intending to open your cells to receiving your full life and purpose. Now try taking a few steps forward towards your future... 



*Take a few moments after this exercise to integrate the experience. Writing in a journal about what arose for you can be helpful. Make sure to collect yourself, grounding and stabilizing before moving on with your day. 


*Be gentle and kind with yourself through the process. It is not uncommon for this to be a challenging meditation for some. There is no right/wrong way to do this, it is simply an exploration to see what arises. Be curious about what arises in the experience. If you feel you would like to learn more about Inherited Family Trauma and epigenetic effects on later generations, would like to further explore and feel you need assistance through the process contact Felice Laurel at Source Constellations or another trusted Constellation Therapy Practitioner in your area. 


Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours !


Felice Laurel

Source Constellations



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